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How Not To Sell A House: 4 Mistakes To Avoid in Orange County CA

How Not To Sell A House: 4 Mistakes To Avoid in Orange County CA

You’ve listed your Orange County home, but don’t seem to be getting much interest. At your first open house, only a trickle of folks came in, and your real estate agent doesn’t seem to understand why.
Chances are, you are making one of these four common seller mistakes.
1. Messy Rooms
Potential buyers want to envision the home as their own, not see your mess all over the place. Put clothes away, store any items that make your home look cluttered, and most importantly, clean. One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is walking into a bathroom and seeing grime, old shower curtains, and other items that are easy to take care of before a showing.
2. Dim Lighting
When a buyer walks into a dimly lit room, they can’t see what they need to, and the room will feel dark and small. Open up the curtains and replace bulbs so instead, buyers look at your home in its best light. Rooms will feel larger and more open, and buyers will be able to envision them in their own way.
3. What Smells?
When you live in your home, you get used to its smells and don’t notice them as much as others will. If you have pets, their scents can be in rugs and furniture and will be noticeable to others, especially buyers who don’t have pets. If you are an indoor smoker, everyone who walks through your door will know.
Don’t just spray a bunch of perfume to mask the smells – potential buyers who end up coming back again and again will eventually notice that something is up. Instead, hire professional cleaners and get rid of any odors once and for all.
4. Wallpaper Overload
Maybe you liked the busy wallpaper that you installed in every room, but will your buyers? If there is too much going on, they won’t be able to focus on each room with their full attention. Some buyers are turned off by wallpaper altogether, so consider pulling some down and repainting the walls to widen your home’s appeal.



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